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Hypoxia and Hypoxia-related Diseases
What Is Kaqun?
Kaqun Studies
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Kaqun Spa Packages

What are the Spa Packages?

Spa Packages are complete Kaqun Bath Therapies + Drinking Water cures in Hungary.

Unit Prices

Prices   HUF (incl. VAT) GBP* EUR*
Single bath (50mins)   15 000,00 HUF £42,00 € 46,50
Single chamber (50mins)   12 000,00 HUF £33,60 € 37,20

 Special Blood Test (HIV1Alpha,
Vitamin C: plasma and tissue,
B-Cell, T-Cell, Natural Killer Cell counts,
CD-Cell counts namely: CD3, CD4, CD8)

  75 000,00 HUF £210,00 € 232,50
Consultation   20 000,00 HUF £56,00 € 62,00

Packages for 1 week / 7 days






Package A   399 000,00 HUF £1 117,20 € 1 236,90
Including:   21 baths (3 baths per day, 50mins per bath)    
    7 chambers (1 chamber per day, 50mins per chamber)    
    1 bottle Kaqun Drinking Water per day (total 14 bottles)    
    1 consultation with a Kaqun doctor    
Package B   294 000,00 HUF £823,20 € 911,40
Including:   14 baths (2 baths per day, 50mins per bath)    
    7 chambers (1 chamber per day, 50mins per chamber)    
    1 bottle Kaqun Drinking Water per day (total 7 bottles)    
    1 consultation with a Kaqun doctor    

Packages for 2 weeks / 14 days

Package C   798 000,00 HUF £2 234,40 € 2 473,80
Including:   42 baths (3 baths per day, 50mins per bath)    
    14 chambers (1 chamber per day, 50mins per chamber)    
    1 bottle Kaqun Drinking Water per day (total 14 bottles)    
    2 consultations with a Kaqun doctor    
Package D   588 000,00 HUF £1 646,40 € 1 822,80
Including:   28 baths (2 baths per day, 50mins per bath)    
    14 chambers (1 chamber per day, 50mins per chamber)    
    1 bottle Kaqun Drinking Water per day (total 7 bottles)    
    2 consultations with a Kaqun doctor    

HUF/GBP*   0,0028
HUF/EUR*   0,0031
* Prices are informal, depends on the actual exchange rate

Promo Code   5% discount

Prices include Hungarian VAT


Types of Hypoxia / Hypoxia-related diseases

  • Lung diseases (COPD), emphysema, bronchitis, pneumonia, and pulmonary edema
  • Heart failure
  • Fatty Liver
  • Kidney Hypoxia
  • Anemia (a low number of red blood cells, which carry oxygen)
  • Apnea
  • Cerebral hypoxia
  • Skin diseases
  • Tumor

What is Kaqun?

Kaqun water represents an absolutely unique advancement in water technology whereby a specialized treatment process enables oxygen to be absorbed by the body to a greater extent. The KAQUN technology transforms dissolved oxygen into a stabilized form without the use of any chemicals or artificial additives. KAQUN Water is the only currently known water to have undergone more than ten years of clinical and laboratory research.

What is Unique about Kaqun?

  • The high oxygen content of KAQUN water comes from the water itself, not from an external source. No chemicals or artificial additives are used.
  • KAQUN water has been found to increase tissue oxygen levels and reduce hypoxia (unpublished data)
  • We offer KAQUN water in 3 different forms: you can enjoy a relaxing KAQUN bath, bottled KAQUN drinking water, and the beauty cosmetic KAQUN Gel.
  • KAQUN water is the only currently known water available both bottled and as a bath with scientifically proven benefits.
  • KAQUN has achieved high acclaim from tens of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

Who Can Benefit From Kaqun Baths?

We recommend KAQUN bath water for all. KAQUN Baths can be found in Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, Singapore, and the USA. In the Middle East, the Far East and Australia you can find Kaqun as ELO LAB.

About the Kaqun Baths

pic1 mod TelefonAttributes

  • Supports the Immune System
  • Relaxing and energizing
  • Length of bath: 50_minutes
  • Temperature: 38°C
  • Water pH value: increased
  • Feels silky and soft
  • Single-use tub
The oxygen supply of the body declines during the formation of illnesses, the tissues acidify and their regeneration ability decelerates. Water is not only one of the most important elements of our body but it is a more ancient, natural medium of us than air. Pure bath water and medicinal water contains 0.3% dissolved oxygen. The KAQUN oxygen water stores dissolved oxygen (16-18 mg/l), which is stable, not bubbly, does not evaporate from the tube. The pipeline water gets into the Kaqun system after manifold filtering, softening. In the pleasant water at the temperature of the body the pores of the skin open, the water through the capillary veins of the skin gets into the blood-stream.
The KAQUN water in the form of a bath is available in the KAQUN baths. With a bath, such a huge amount of oxygen gets into the body, which cannot be reached with any sports activity or increased breathing. A benevolent pH shift takes place in the body, which starts the normal life processes.
  • KAQUN Baths provide an alternate way to deliver substantial amounts of oxygen to the body which cannot be achieved through increased breathing or sports activities. 
  • The bath is taken in special tubs, lasts 50 minutes in a slightly alkaline (base) oxygen-rich water at a temperature of 38°C. Soaking in KAQUN Bath reduces hypoxia. 
  • During the bath, the buoyant force of the water exerts a positive effect on the muscles and joints and a relaxing and comforting effect on the whole body. 
  • Before a KAQUN bath we always measure the blood oxygen level and pressure of our customers, our colleagues make recommendations how to use the bath, if it is necessary, the determination of the bath method and intensity takes place in a form of a consultation with a specialist. 
  • The consumption of KAQUN water and the KAQUN Baths do not replace the conventionally prescribed medical treatment!
Kaqun Bath Cycles

1 cycle = 7 days, 1-2-3 bath(s) per day – depends on your condition.
1 Therapy = 1-3 cycles or more.
Our medical partners will suggest the number of daily baths and the number of cycles. The result of the 2nd blood test can modify the number of cycles.

Special Blood Test:
This special test includes cellular immune functions (HIF1Alpha, Vitamin C: plasma and tissue, B-Cell, T-Cell, Natural Killer Cell counts, CD-Cell counts namely: CD3, CD4, CD8)


  • One bath takes 50 minutes.
  • Please check the clock. Our colleague will inform you about the end of the bath. We need time to clean the bathtub. Let others start the bath on time.
  • Please book your baths before you come to the facility.
  • Please relax quietly, do not disturb others.
  • We do not recommend to wear swimming dress.
  • We do not recycle water!
  • Please do not refill your bathtub!
  • Please be at the facility on time. We have to start the bath rounds in every 90 minutes. We have to keep the schedule.
  • All the bathtubs are separated.
  • One person - one bathtub

Hyperbaric Chamberhyperbaric chamber png

A Hyperbaric Chamber allows taking all benefits from Oxygen therapy (HBOT) in a simple and safe way.
Using Kaqun Water / Bath and Hyperbaric Chamber will increase your tissue oxygen level and will keep it for a longer time.

Our Research 

All research and studies were completed in credited Hungarian, Singaporean and Australian Universities and Governmental Institutes and laboratories.
  • 2004 - dr Katalin Pal  - Examination of the effects of high oxygen content water on tumor cells <DOWNLOAD>

  • 2007 - SEMMELWEIS UNIVERSITY, BUDAPESTSEMMELWEIS UNIVERSITY, BUDAPEST, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences (TF) Changes of registered, psycho-physiological parameters by drinking „KAQUN”, water with a high oxygen concentration <DOWNLOAD>

  • 2009 - NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL SAFETY: The effect of KAQUN-water on the immune parameters of healthy volunteers <DOWNLOAD>

  • 2010 - HUNGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES ISOTOPE RESEARCH INSTITUTE: Report on the examination of KAQUN oxygen-rich water’s role in reactive oxygen species generation in vitro system /HAS/ <DOWNLOAD>



  • 2012 – South-Borsod Social Cluster, Hungary: Report about the effects of Kaqun water on the speed of cognitive functions <DOWNLOAD>

  • 2012-2015 – National Institute of Oncology, Hungary: Ongoing Study on the effect of Kaqun water on patients treated by oncology hospital. Randomized examination <DOWNLOAD>

  • 2016- Monash University, Australia: The Effects of ELO/Kaqun Water on Tumour Hypoxia and Tumour Growth in a Mouse Tumour Xenograft

  • 2017 - DermaPro Skin Research, Korea: Clinical Human Study of ELO/Kaqun Gel

  • 2017-2019 – Changi General Hospital, Singapore: Human Clinical Trials of ELO/Kaqun Water on Diabetes

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I check accommodations, food stores, how can I calculate my expenses during the trip?
There are 6 Kaqun Spas in Hungary. After receiving your booking plan we check the availability and send you the location of the Spa that can receive you in that time. We also send a list of suggested accommodations, food stores, restaurants, ATMs etc. to be able to choose the best for you.

How long is a KAQUN bath?
A KAQUN bath is 50-minute long.

When do the bath rounds start?
The KAQUN WMS needs 90 minutes to produce KAQUN bath water. The first round can start 90 minutes after starting the system. All the bathtubs have to be filled up at the same time! (+/- 5 minutes).

What kind of bathtubs does Kaqun use?
KAQUN technology uses more or less 250 liters (66 US Gallons) of water per bath. Bathtubs made from acrylic. Kaqun uses single bathtubs only. One bathtub = 1 person. Bathtubs are separated by curtains.

Does Kaqun use special water for KAQUN baths?
KAQUN Water Modification System uses tap water. KAQUN tests the water on a daily basis.

Is there any reusing process in KAQUN therapy?
No, there is not. KAQUN does not reuse water.

May I mix Kaqun bath water with other ingredients like salts etc.?
Don’t use any material or liquid to mix it with Kaqun bath water.

May I mix Kaqun drinking water with other ingredients, liquid etc.?
Don’t use any material or liquid to mix it with Kaqun drinking water.

Is there any WIFI service at the Spas?
Yes, free WIFI at the facilities.

Things to know before you come

  • Kaqun Spa facilities are not clinics
  • You can come on your own responsibility
  • Consult with your physician
  • You must be self-sufficient (family members are welcomed)
  • Please do not travel without initial consultation with our advisors! 
  • You must sign a consent for

Medical Questions?

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Non-Medical Questions?

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Registration / Check-In

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