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    water drops 3 circleKaqun is excited to be able to introduce our ground-breaking products and services to you. KAQUN water is the only - currently known - water, which is available both in bottled form and as a bath and has scientific results from research carried out on healthy volunteers.

    bath circleKaqun Spas

    The KAQUN water in the form of a bath is available in the KAQUN baths.

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    bottle circle jpgDrinking Water

    The regular consumption of KAQUN water widely enhances life - supports the immune system, accelerates the regeneration of the body. This water is made by a special treatment, which offers scientifically proven beneficial oxygen absorption qualities for the body. During production, chemicals are not used. There is no high-pressure oxygen intake from an external source!

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    gel circleGels

    Kaqun offers two gels: Kaqul Gel and KaqunGold Gel.  Kaqun Gels incorporate the highly penetrating Oxygen clusters of Kaqun technology with specific but unique properties. When the oxygen content of the skin increases, the repair mechanisms within are replenished and renewed. The skin regains flexibility, becoming more lively and radiant. The magic of youth returns. KaqunGold Gel (imbibed with gold) is a unique formulation that not only preserves and restores a youthful complexion but promotes the healing forces and mechanisms of the skin itself.

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    Food Supplement
    Herbal Extract+Probiotics
    KAQUN is devoted to supporting the quality of life by producing very unique water. Kaqun Water has proven effects on the Immune System and Tissue Oxygenization. Kaqun proudly presents a new innovation and an outstanding product: the Kaqun Drops.
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