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    Kaqun is excited to be able to introduce its ground-breaking products and services to you.

    KAQUN water is the only - currently known - water, which is available both in bottled form and as a bath and has scientific results from research carried out on healthy volunteers.
    Kaqun water is the base of our products.

    We can offer 4 kinds of products:

    • Kaqun Baths - available in Kaqun Spas only
    • Kaqun Drinking Water
    • Kaqun Drops
    • Kaqun Gels

    Kaqun Baths

    The bath takes place in special tubs, where a bath is 50 minutes long in a slightly alkaline oxygen-rich water at a temperature of 38 °C.
    More info on Kaqun Baths >


    The regular consumption of KAQUN water widely enhances life. Supports the immune system, accelerates the regeneration of the body. 
    More info on Kaqun Drinking Water  >


    Herbal Extract+Probiotics. Kaqun proudly presents a new innovation and an outstanding product: the Kaqun Drops.
     More info on Kaqun Drops > 


    Kaqun offers two gels: Kaqul Gel and KaqunGold Gel.  Kaqun Gels incorporate the highly penetrating Oxygen clusters of Kaqun technology with specific but unique properties. 
    More info on Kaqun Gel  >  

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