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Kaqun Drops

Food Supplement
Herbal Extract+Probiotics

K A Q U N is devoted to supporting the quality of life by producing very unique water. Kaqun Water has proven effects on the Immune System and Tissue Oxygenation. Kaqun proudly presents a new innovation and an outstanding product: the Kaqun Drops.web drops1

  • Completely unique in its compositions and production,
  • 100% natural Living materials, therefore available in the form of• drops, not capsules,
  • Has a complex action of mechanism (herbs, fermentation, probiotics),
  • Kaqun Drops’ effects are balanced and gradual,
  • Kaqun Drops replenishes the entire intestinal flora NOT JUST PART OF IT!
  • Kaqun Drops are free of sugar, alcohol, and preservatives
    For best effect use it with Kaqun Water

Short-term effects - (after 5-8 days)

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Microbiome rebuilding begins
  • Digestion is easier

Middle-term effects (after 4-6 weeks)

  • Activates the Immune System
  • Reduces Allergic Symptoms
  • Reduces lethargy and chronic tiredness

Long-term effects (after 2-6 months)

  • Regeneration of the Digestive System
  • Makes the Immune system stronger and more active
  • Creates a healthy body weight:
  • An overweight person will lose weight
  • An undernourished person will gain weight



Herbs, (matricariaeflos, millefoliiherba, rosaepreudofructus, sambuciflos, apismelliferrae propolis, querci cortex, absinthiiherba)
water extract produced by natural fermentation (1:20)

5-15 drops in a glass of water two times a day (in the morning and evening) It is not recommended to exceed the daily amount.
STORAGE: Store in a cool dry place (refrigerator), not in direct sunlight.

„I was suffering from Irritable bowel syndrome for a very long time. I tried many traditional treatments including antibiotics and probiotics, but I only ever experienced short-term relief.  I started to take Kaqun Drops and within only a week I realized that my energy levels started to increase, and my clothes fit a little better. After 2 months of using the Drops, I felt less tired and my digestive system normalized.

Today, my irritable bowel syndrome is history.  I can recommend Kaqun Drops to everyone without exception and I have all my family using them. Thank you Kaqun Drops!...”

(Barbara, 47 y.o., Florida, USA)



Q: How many species of bacteria are available in the drops and what family and species are in the product? Why do you think these species are the best ones for our health? 

A: The Drops contains the natural fermenting ecosystems of the processed medicinal plants and propolis we use in our recipe. The most accurate description of this microbial ecosystem is the following:

The fermentation process is conducted by the multitude of natural microbes that are the members of the indigenous ecosystem of the herbs. By the fermentation process, the propagated phyllosphere ecosystem of the herbs is providing a wide variety of microbes that are missing from our civilized lifestyle and diet. This wide variety of microbes is like an organic sourdough - (but not propagated on starches and sugars) that used to surround the humans for eons before the industrialized food production, water treatments, and metropolitan lifestyle. 

To qualify the microbial population the traditional plate propagation only useful for 20% of the species. Using gene sequencing (PCR 16s rRNA gene amplification) techniques we can identify our product's population. The most abundant and dominant species are the members of the Lactobacillus genus, they are in composing 98% of the population with 15-20 species. We have notices that the composition of this ecosystem changes with the season, and also varies by the amount of air in the bottle, (the quantity of the aerobic species are in positive correlation by the air portion in the dropper bottle) Among them we can find the following (probiotic) species Lactobacillus plantarum, L. rhamnosus, L. brevis, L. kefiri, L. parakefiri, L. casei, the 2% consists of more than 20 other genus from the most abundant kinds of the healthy organic environmental bacteria from the herbs.

The concentration of the microbes is estimated to be (at least) between 4-6 million units/ml (determined by light microscopic cell counting in bürker chamber). The recommended medium daily dose 2 times 8 drops equal to one ml. So in each glass of water, we are consuming an ecosystem of 2-3 million microbes. In the morning the drops drunk to an empty stomach are bypassing the gastric juices of the stomach, and arrive into the colon in 10-15 minutes. The drops consumed in the evenings are engaging with the digestion system so the metabolites and trigger molecules are absorbed, but the living cells are not surviving the hostile acids of the stomach.

In one sentence, we are not aiming to find some bacteria that qualify as the "the best ones" but we are trying to provide the natural abundance that is resiliently missing from our water and diet, and the lack of their presence is contributing to severe degradation in our health.

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